Clean Me, Green Me



Along with the new website we want to move to, wait for it, less paper communications and more electronic.  We want to give you the choice though.  I imagine, during some of my more tired hours, one or two of you sitting in front of a fire reading your newsletter.  If you want to continue doing that, it is absolutely fine by me.  Maybe you care about all of the people in the chain who get the newsletters to your door.  Maybe you want to reduce the potential waste coming in to your house.  Delivering the newsletter to all members costs around £150.  If we could get that down to £50 that would be more money we can spend on other things.

Outside of the newsletters we want to regularly send you updates.  Multiples of £150 will soon stack up and so anything that might be repeated or added to will be electronic.  So, for any of this to work in any way we need you to check your details on the UNISON website

It is a shame that the UNISON website does not allow us to set a preference for email or slow mail.  We will set something up with in the website soon.

We really appreciate your help with this.

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