With rising fuel costs and another cold winter looming many members on low income are worried about how they’re going to pay their winter fuel bills.

Help is on hand

‘There for You’ has set up a limited fund to help UNISON members on low income by way of a one-off payment of £40.

To apply, download the attached application form or visit unison.org.uk/thereforyou. Alternatively, call UNISONdirect on 0800 0857 857 or simply contact your UNISON branch office. Everyone that applies will receive a booklet giving information about other help that may be available and how to reduce your fuel costs in the future. The attached Q&A also provides further information.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 23 February 2016.

Welfare news

UNISON’s own charity ‘There for you’ needs our help.  In these difficult times, our charity’s work is vital and for this reason, Unison is asking all branches to consider making a donation and enabling us to continue to help those of our members who are finding life difficult.

In 2014 ‘There for you’ gave £608,361 in financial assistance to members. 3,250 hardship grants were paid. 392 grants for kitchen appliances, household furniture and property repairs were paid.  100% of all emergency crisis grant requests were considered within 48 hours.  More than 800 grants paid towards fuel bills. 212 grants for rent deposits, rent and mortgage payments. 54 members were helped under the Wellbeing Programme.

Our branch’s donation could make all the difference – for example:

  • £120 could help pay towards school uniforms for 3 children
  • £800 could help with resettlement costs or essential household items after someone has lost their home or in the case of domestic violence.
  • A regular donation or, subscribing to the lottery would enable us to deliver meaningful support to even more members.

The monthly Octopus lottery is a great way of supporting the vital work of There for You. Each monthly entry costs as little as £1 and at least 50% of the proceeds from each draw goes towards prizes.
Join now so that you too will have a chance of winning. You can be assured that your donation to There for You will be well spent.
For members it costs just £1 up to a maximum of £10 each month. For UNISON branches, there’s no upper limit.
The draw is held monthly and there are 50 cash prizes to win including a top prize of £1,000.
Simply download and complete the application form and send to:

Octopus Lottery
Kings Court
London Road

Download the application form [PDF]
Or, Unison can send you an application form – just call 020 7121 5620.

I think our branch should make a regular monthly donation to ‘There For You’ charity through the Octopus Lottery. What do you guys think?

Remember if you need some financial assistance I am located in the campus centre building within the Student Union.

Members including you, can phone me, email me or arrange a meeting to talk about any issues worrying them. It will be completely confidential. If they need some financial assistance I can help them fill in the application form and write a supporting statement to help their application. And for things we cannot help with I will find contact details for organisations that can help.

Joanne Brownsword
0116 366  4822